Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to Epiphany Editing

epiphany: (n). a moment of sudden revelation or insight

We are excited you have stopped by! Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Epiphany Editing, a boutique editing firm where service reigns supreme. From resume writing and revision, to manuscript editing, to English language coaching and more, our team is willing and ready to provide you with exceptional service.

Epiphany prides itself on:

Our Leading Editor is a TEFL certified English Instructor with international experience, a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and proofreading experience with the Los Angeles Times.

Quality of product and service is our number one mission. The job isn't finished until you are pleased.  Satisfaction is good, but we want you to be wowed!

Creativity is our middle name. Let us help you to translate your thoughts into succinct and precise words.

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